Saturday, December 31, 2011

NFL 2011 Week 17 Predictions

The final week of the regular season! I made some risky picks this time around, in the hopes of a dramatic comeback!

Panthers @ Saints


The Wife: Saints

Me: Saints

Steve: Saints

Bills @ Patriots


The Wife: Patriots

Me: Patriots

Steve: Patriots

Bears @ Vikings


The Wife: Bears

Me: Vikings

Steve: Bears

Jets @ Dolphins


The Wife: Jets

Me: Dolphins (mainly because I have to make up ground somewhere . . .)

Steve: Jets

49ers @ Rams


The Wife: 49ers

Me: 49ers

Steve: 49ers (“Tempted to pick StL as I think SF will have a letdown week . . .”)

Lions @ Packers


The Wife: Packers

Me: Lions

Steve: Packers (“What could have been had they not overlooked KC . . .”)

Redskins @ Eagles


The Wife: Redskins

Me: Eagles

Steve: Eagles

Colts @ Jaguars


The Wife: Jaguars

Me: Jaguars

Steve: Colts (“but with StL having their young QB in place they’ll still get Luck to replace Manning”)

Titans @ Texans


The Wife: Texans

Me: Titans

Steve: Texans

Seahawks @ Cardinals


The Wife: Seahawks

Me: Cardinals

Steve: Seahawks

Chiefs @ Broncos


The Wife: Broncos

Me: Chiefs

Steve: Broncos (“completing a comeback to win the division no one would have seen when Tebow took over”)

Bucs @ Falcons


The Wife: Falcons

Me: Falcons

Steve: Falcons

Ravens @ Bengals


The Wife: Ravens

Me: Bengals

Steve: Ravens

Steelers @ Browns


The Wife: Steelers

Me: Steelers

Steve: Steelers

Chargers @ Raiders


The Wife: Raiders

Me: Raiders

Steve: Chargers

Cowboys @ Giants


The Wife: Giants

Me: Cowboys

Steve: Giants

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