Thursday, January 12, 2012

Doom [Comics]

I'm not one to pass up $ 1.99 trade paperbacks in the bargain bin, and Dr. Doom is one of favorite villains, so . . . Doom! Collecting two three-issue limited series, Doom is overall pretty poor. The first limited series is set on Counter-Earth (a duplicate Earth created/maintained by Franklin Richards) and sees Doom traveling across Mad-Max style wastelands in order to get back to New York where his assistant Lancer is trying to maintain control for him. It's okay, and Lancer is actually fairly interesting. The second limited series is worse by far, as it's a confusing, often nonsensical account of Doom's battles with Franklin Richards over the fate of his (Doom's) mother. I'm a big fan of continuity, but in each case these two limited series have high learning curves that don't seem worth the trouble.

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