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Tyrone Drake, An American Star! [RPG]

Tyrone Drake was a character I created to run in occasional one-shots using the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG. Coming off a couple successful "seasons" of running the game in a very serious tone, it was great fun to play a character in an intentionally more light-hearted type of "series." Tyrone Drake is the host of a late-night cable horror movie show, much in the vein of Elvira, though his more direct inspiration was the character played by Roddy McDowall in Fright Night. Presented as an affable, somewhat dim showman with a good heart and little real knowledge of the occult, Tyrone Drake manages to get by with the help of his assistant, the buxom and vapid Delores. After having played him in a couple of adventures, I went on a cruise with The Wife and saw a delightfully earnest and incredibly cheesy performer who fit exactly the persona I'd been trying for with Tyrone Drake. I went on that performer's real-life website and slightly modified the main-page to create the attached advertisement for Tyrone's fictional program, "Midnight Showing". I only run the character once every year or so, but it's always a blast when I do--and word on the street is that The Wife is planning another adventure soon!


Curse of the Desperate Dame (Pilot): Tyrone Drake investigates a haunted house with the help of Delores and Stanley, a production assistant from his show. One thing leads to another, and Tyrone uncovers an ancient mystery involving ghosts, vampires, and even a vengeance demon!

Swamp Bling: Rival horror movie host Edward Johnston is climbing in popularity, and Tyrone has to scramble to stay on top. Investigating secret tunnels dating back to Prohibition at the old Hiram Walker plant, Tyrone finds himself on the trail of murder, mobsters, and rock-like Midas Demons!

The House on Flaunted Hill: Tyrone is invited to stay at Bingham Mansion along with fellow guest stars Jeffrey Weber and Ilia. Before the party can start, the bodies start dropping, and the guests have to team up to solve the murders. Secret passages, demons, and mystic incantations provide a whirlwind of entertainment!

The Headless Sportsmen of Piccadilly Falls: Tyrone arrives in Piccadilly Falls as the honorary judge of the annual Harvest Queen Pageant. When the contestants begin getting bumped off, it's up to Tyrone and special guest stars Jasper Morgan and Jeffrey Weber to discover the culprit. Headless zombies, hellhounds, and vampires make for a festival no one will soon forget!

House of Slacks Tyrone teams up with special guest star techno-pagan Brandon Gallowsong-Smith to help find a missing girl. When the trail leads to a pants store, Tyrone and Brandon think they have everything in hand--until Drusilla turns up!

Curse of the Mumsy  Special guest star Marcus, a man with many secrets, aids Tyrone in uncovering a poltergeist inhabiting the Prohibition display at the Windsor museum.  With a ghost, a vampire, and perhaps even a mummy, trouble abounds; and that doesn't even include interruptions from Tyrone's mum!

Curse of the Wolf-Van  Tyrone teams up with both Marcus and Brandon Gallowsong-Smith as a terror-fighting trio!  Hired to judge a supernatural-themed "Battle of the Bands", Tyrone and his guest stars come upon a mystery involving murder, werewolves, and maybe even vampires!  It's a plot full of red herrings and misleads, but somehow the heroes stumble to victory.

Nightmare on Helm Street  A psychedelic foray into the innermost recesses of Tyrone's mind!  Joined with Brandon Gallowsong-Smith, Tyrone has to escape a world that exists in only his thoughts, but where failure has very real consequences.  Tyrone and Brandon manage to make their escape in always dramatic fashion, ending with Tyrone's touching line "Brandon, you're no longer my sidekick.  I consider you my partner.  My junior partner."

Polter-Heist  A special two-part episode sees Tyrone and Brandon infiltrating Wolfram & Hart's Toronto headquarters!  On the trail of a stolen mystical book, the heist doesn't go exactly according to plan, but the stars have great success nonetheless.  But a real cliffhanger awaits them:  Delores announces she plans to marry Frankie at Niagara Falls!  Can Tyrone stop the wedding in time?

The Bride of Frank N. Stein  Guest stars galore join Tyrone Drake in Niagara Falls as he tries to find Delores before she celebrates nuptial bliss!  Along with Brandon Gallowsong-Smith, the mysterious vampire hunter Mr. Arbalest, and the bookish Chris, Tyrone's efforts are hindered by the presence of the mysterious Dandy Men and their ability to transform people into dolls for their mysterious mistress!  Tyrone and company reach Delores in time for him to profess his love (of her skills as an assistant) and she rejoins the fold.  But what menace has been awakened by the Dandy Men?

Fish Food  The members of Team Tyrone (Brandon, Arbalest, Chris, and Delores) join their leader on a trip to Lake Okanagan in search of the mysterious Ogopogo monster!  Tyrone's become an ironic darling of the hipster crowd, and his role as judge of a mullet contest can only increase his popularity.  Vampires, fish-men, and the Canadian version of the Loch Ness Monster combine into some water-logged fun.

Tyrone Drake, An American Star!
Appearing Fridays on the WGBS "Midnight Showing"

Type: Investigator

Real Name: Hyram Lipschitz

Life Points: 38

Drama Points: 6

Experience Points: 2

Initiative: +3

Perception: d10+7

Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Constitution 2, Intelligence 4, Perception 4, Willpower 4 (-1 to resist emotionality)

Skills: Artist (Actor) 3, Occultism 6, Driving 3, Getting Medieval 5, Influence 2 (+2 to influence or persuade), Notice 3, Doctor 1, Knowledge (Science) 2, Mr. Fix-It 1, Knowledge (Movies) 2

Qualities: Artist: Actor, Attractive, Contacts (National Inquirer), Occult Investigator, Good Library, Hard to Kill (x4), Good Luck (x2)

Drawbacks: Adversary (rival: Edward Johnston), Dependent (Momsy), Unrequited Love (Delores), Obligation (Weekly TV Show), Gullible, Showoff

Combat: Cross +8 d. 2+success; Holy Water +7 d. 5+success, Stake +8 d. 4+success (x2 slash, x5 heart), Pistol Crossbow +8 d. 10+success (x2 slash), Dodge +5 (-2 vs. ranged), Parry +8 (-2 vs. Thrown, -6 vs. arrows)

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