Monday, January 30, 2012

Valerie Porter and the Scarlet Scandal [GAMES]

SPOILERS BELOW FOR Valerie Porter and the Scarlet Scandal

JHAEMAN: Probably the best seek and find game I’ve played in recent memory is called Valerie Porter and the Scarlet Scandal by PlayFirst Games. The Wife is here to give me her thoughts as well since we played it together. I’ll start things off by saying that what I liked the most was that it actually had an interesting story!

THE WIFE: I’ll say! The murder mystery plot was great - it made me want to continue the game to find out what happened. I found myself surprisingly invested in the game. If it wasn’t so much fun I would be tempted to knock off a few points for the fact that they never revealed what happened to Scarlet’s baby after her untimely demise!

JHAEMAN: The game is set in the prohibition era and has a far more adult storyline than other games of this genre and involves murder, adultery, graft and even secret love children!

THE WIFE: It was actually nice to have a game that was deliberately aimed at grown-ups (although in no way X or even R rated)! Some of the other games we’ve tried have been rather goofy and silly yet somehow risque.

JHAEMAN: I enjoyed the frequent mini-games that helped break up the hidden items screens. My only complaint is that they may have been a bit too easy, but overall I’m looking forward to playing more from this company.

THE WIFE: We will definitely seek them out! As you said, the mini-games were a high point - they were quite fun. I also enjoyed finding the hidden bells on each screen - although we were disappointed that there didn’t seem to be reward for doing so.

JHAEMAN: Anything else to add?

THE WIFE: Just that the voice work was also pretty good. There was a nice sense of who the characters were and they captured the mood well. Basically, I echo your sentiment - best seek and find we’ve ever played!

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