Friday, January 6, 2012

NFL 2011 Playoffs Round 1 Predictions


Bengals @ Texans
The Wife: Bengals
Me: Bengals (neither of these teams should expect to go any further than this game, but each team should be proud they finally made it to the playoffs)
Steve: Texans ("Not sold on Cincy being worthy of a pick ... but then again I'm not sold on Houston as well...")

Lions @ Saints
The Wife: Saints
Me: Saints (could be a closer game than people expect, as the Lions can put points on the board too . . .)
Steve: Saints ("I think the problems we're seeing with the Det D get them in trouble in this one. They should be better than they are. Maybe they'll get Denard in the upcoming draft...")

Falcons @ Giants
The Wife: Giants
Me: Giants (not sure about this one . . .)
Steve: Giants ("I could see this one going either way...")

Steelers @ Broncos
The Wife: Broncos
Me: Steelers (it'd be fun to see Tebow work some divine magic and win this one, but I just don't see it happening)
Steve: Steelers ("Tebow can't save them this week after they backed into the playoffs these last few weeks.")

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