Friday, January 6, 2012

Fantasy Football 2011 Playoffs Round 2

Me against The Wife in a head-to-head match-up in the final round of the playoffs--couldn't have been any better unless we were vying for the league championship instead of the # 3 spot in the final rankings. Still, it turned out to be a great match-up that came down to the final game of the season with one of my wideouts (Victor Cruz) going head-to-head with one of her wideouts (Hakeem Nicks). Cruz got it done and carried me to a 1 point victory, which is a damned slim margin for a two-week playoff game. I left week 1 with a sizable 97-73 lead, but The Wife came back strong in week two, scoring 114 to my 91. I was lucky to hold on!

The win left me # 3 in the league overall, which is my strongest finish in my three years of fantasy football so far. Good stuff, but somewhat disappointing after a 12-1 regular season finish that left me the # 1 seed and in the driver's seat for the playoffs.


WEEK 16 (97 Points)

QB T. Tebow: 12
RB A. Foster: 22
RB D. Sproles: 14
RB/WR T. Smith: 3
WR V. Cruz: 22
WR A. Brown: 3
TE R. Gronkowski: 7
D/ST Texans: 5
K S. Janikowski: 97

WEEK 17 (91 Points)

QB T. Tebow: -1
RB A. Foster: 0
RB D. Sproles: 12
RB/WR K. Bell: 5
WR V. Cruz: 23
WR A. Brown: 9
TE R. Gronkowski: 22
D/ST Texans: 4
K S. Janikowski: 17


WEEK 16 (73 Points)

QB M. Vick: 20
RB P. Thomas: 11
RB D. McCluster: 9
RB/WR S. Holmes: 5
WR H. Nicks: 2
WR V. Jackson: 4
TE J. Graham: 10
D/ST Bears: -3
K D. Akers: 15

WEEK 17 (114 Points)

QB M. Vick: 21
RB P. Thomas: 6
RB D. McCluster: 14
RB/WR S. Holmes: 0
WR H. Nicks: 13
WR V. Jackson: 12
TE J. Graham: 15
D/ST Bears: 19
K D. Akers: 14

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Steve - an Av in Nebr said...

I can't complain too much. Had a bad stretch in the middle of the season and got a bit lucky when my opponent's QB sat in week 17, so a #5 overall finish isn't bad. However if I would have snuck in to that top bracket on that last week as I hoped I would have won it all as I outscored everyone in that bracket both rounds of the playoffs.

Oh well, next year...