Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NFL 2011 Week 17 Round-Up

A good week for everybody is bad news for The Wife and me, as we're still 11-12 games back with just 11 playoff games left; Steve almost has this one mathematically in the bag, leaving The Wife and me to fight it out for last place--could it come down to the Super Bowl pick?

Panthers @ Saints


The Wife: Saints

Me: Saints

Steve: Saints

WINNER: Saints

Bills @ Patriots


The Wife: Patriots

Me: Patriots

Steve: Patriots

WINNER: Patriots (worst defense, best offense, a great mix!)

Bears @ Vikings


The Wife: Bears

Me: Vikings

Steve: Bears


Jets @ Dolphins


The Wife: Jets

Me: Dolphins

Steve: Jets

WINNER: Dolphins

49ers @ Rams


The Wife: 49ers

Me: 49ers

Steve: 49ers

WINNER: 49ers

Lions @ Packers


The Wife: Packers

Me: Lions

Steve: Packers

WINNER: Packers (sounds like this was a great game . . .)

Redskins @ Eagles


The Wife: Redskins

Me: Eagles

Steve: Eagles

WINNER: Eagles

Colts @ Jaguars


The Wife: Jaguars

Me: Jaguars

Steve: Colts

WINNER: Jaguars

Titans @ Texans


The Wife: Texans

Me: Titans

Steve: Texans

WINNER: Titans

Seahawks @ Cardinals


The Wife: Seahawks

Me: Cardinals

Steve: Seahawks

WINNER: Cardinals (quietly put together a great second half of the season after a terrible start . . .)

Chiefs @ Broncos


The Wife: Broncos

Me: Chiefs

Steve: Broncos

WINNER: Chiefs

Bucs @ Falcons


The Wife: Falcons

Me: Falcons

Steve: Falcons

WINNER: Falcons (couldn't believe it when I saw 42-0 in the SECOND QUARTER!)

Ravens @ Bengals


The Wife: Ravens

Me: Bengals

Steve: Ravens

WINNER: Ravens

Steelers @ Browns


The Wife: Steelers

Me: Steelers

Steve: Steelers

WINNER: Steelers (a merciful ending to a pitiful Browns season . . .)

Chargers @ Raiders


The Wife: Raiders

Me: Raiders

Steve: Chargers

WINNER: Chargers (God wanted Tebow in the playoffs . . .)

Cowboys @ Giants


The Wife: Giants

Me: Cowboys

Steve: Giants

WINNER: Giants


The Wife: 10-6

Me: 11-5

Steve: 11-5


The Wife: 153-106

Me: 154-105

Steve: 165-94


Steve - an Av in Nebr said...

I've got 2 or 3 different ideas for my guest post already, just not sure what direction to take yet. ;)

That Lions game was quite the game, with them showing themselves to be the poor man's Patriots with a great offense but no defense.

So who are you hoping to see the Browns take in the draft, or what position? Imagine you've had time to consider it if you look ahead like that (think Peyton's replacement, Luck, will go #1 to Indy). The Huskers have a pretty good guy or two going to be available including Denard who may be one of the best CBs in the country...

Jeremy Patrick said...

Who the Browns should take in the draft is a really good question. I don't watch any college football these days, so I can't name specific players. As for position, though, I feel like the Browns are (overall) pretty solid on defense and really need to add some speed and playmaking ability on offense. I would lean toward upgrading wide-receiver as my # 1 priority (we really have amongst the worst WR corp in the league) and then seeing if we could get a fast scat-back type with good hands to help out on third down. We've got a lot of draft picks this year, so we need to really take advantage of them and do something good. Picking another QB in Round 3 or 4 to put a little pressure on McCoy might be good too . . .