Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clone Wars Campaign: Purity First

Purity First was a xenophobic paramilitary organization I created to give the PCs some non-Separatist, non-Sun Runner opponents. Inspired by the Ku Klux Klan and Robert Jordan's Whitecloaks, Purity First is a human-only organization that is virulently opposed to "aliens." In the campaign, the PCs first encountered Purity First when it was a loose rabble of simple-minded zealots. However, the group secretly received financing and an influx of well-trained adherents due to the machinations of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and became a force to be reckoned with. After years of civil war, the small planet Mongui was ripe for the taking and occupied by Purity First to serve as the group's galactic headquarters. The organization conscripted a large percentage of the population to serve as its footsoldiers, while organizing its elite forces into battle-hardened phalanxes. After a bloody rebellion led by the PCs (in which three PCs were killed), Purity First was driven off Mongui and its leader, the Grand Inquisitor, was revealed to have secretly been a droid (the idea being that Palpatine wanted a pawn he could easily control). Below are the stats for some members of the group (defences are calculated using our House Rules, otherwise simply add 10 to each).
Purity First Conscript

Human, Soldier 4, Size Medium
Hit Points: 50 (Threshold: 18)
Initiative +9, Spd. 6
Str. +2, Dex. +2, Con. +1, Wis. +1
Force Points: 2 (1d6)
Defences: Reflex +11 (+9 flat-footed), Fortitude +8, Will Defense +4
Feats/Talents: Whirlwind Attack, Weapon Focus: Truth Stave, Weapon Specialization: Truth Stave, Stunning Strike, Rapport
Attacks: Truth Stave, +7 to hit, damage 2d6+7 (DC 25 Fortitude defence or blinded)
Skills: Perception +8, Mechanics +7, Endurance +8
Equipment: Truth Stave, Refractive Battle Armor (ignores first hit from energy weapon), Electrobinoculars, Comlink, 2d20 Credits
Phalanx Soldiers ("Seekers")

Human, Soldier 7/Elite Trooper 3/Medium Sized
Hit Points: 120 (Threshold: 25)
Initiative: +9, Speed 4
Str. +2, Con. +3, Dex. +4, Wis. +1, Int. +0, Cha. -1
Force Points: 11 (2d6)
Defences: Reflex (Front Rank) +21 or Reflex (Second Rank) +26*, Fortitude +15, Will +11
* Seekers in the Front Rank often hold riot shields and fight defensively for an additional +5 bonus to Reflex Defence, and if so Seekers in the Second Rank receive Improved Cover for a +10 bonus
Feats/Talents: Point Blank Shot, Farshot, Deadeye, Careful Shot, Rapport, Devastating/Greater Devastating Attack, Delay Damage, Armored Defence, Watch Your Back, Phalanx, Weapon Focus/Greater Weapon Focus, Toughness, Advantageous Cover, Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium), Weapon Proficiency (Pistols, Rifles, Simple)
Attacks: Heavy Blaster Rifle w/ Aim & Double Rapport +26 to hit, damage 4d10+6; Riot Shield +13, d. 1d6+8
Skills: Knowledge (Tactics) +10, Perception +13
Equipment: Heavy Blaster Rifle, Riot Shields, Masterwork Ceremonial Armor

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The Wife said...

These guys made for some tough fights. The complicating factor, namely that many of their soldiers were conscripts that we wanted to "liberate", was interesting.

I recall these being some of our best battles - because these weren't "supernatural" Force powered villains we felt like we could get in there and mix it up. Then, we found out these guys were tougher than expected.

Plus, half of us were distracted by our (character's) personal drama, so that probably didn't help -nor was it unusual.