Sunday, September 5, 2010

Torchwood: "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" (S2, E1)

"Hey kids, did you miss me?"

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Season Two, Episode One

("Captain Jack returns, as the Torchwood team reunites to fight a rogue Time Agent.")


* A great opening. Not only is Cap'n Jack back, his first scene with Captain John--fighting and kissing--is enormous fun.

* Captain John! I'm a big James Marsters fan, and he adds the right touch of swagger, menace, and sexy to the role.

* Jack & Ianto agreeing to go on an actual date--a nice nod to their evolving relationship.

* The very end. "I found Gray!" An intriguing pointer to something in Jack's quite-mysterious past . . .


* The blowfish alien. Just seems a bit too jokey to me, much like that goofy shark-headed demon (the "Loan Shark") from Buffy Season Six's Tabula Rasa.


* Captain John mentions there are only seven Time Agents left--an interesting throwaway remark, that I don't think gets picked up later in the season.


* Unlike Season One, the North American DVD release doesn't contain any episode commentaries. There are deleted scenes, but not for at least the first three episodes.


* Discussion of the Captain John character. The role was apparently written especially for James Marsters. After years of Spike's accent, it's weird hearing the real Marsters in interviews because he has a very American drawl.

* How they filmed the stunts for the Captain John/Captain Jack brawl and the Captain Jack falling from the rooftop scenes.


Bal said...

Recently got Netflix and can stream through my PS3. Watching Lost now (never did before but am hooked currently). Commentting here because I added season 1 of Torchwood to my instant play queue. Not sure when but at some point I will get around to it...

Jeremy Patrick said...

Lost is great and very addictive. I hope you like Torchwood too, it's a fun, dark show. The U.S. version is coming next year and I hope they don't screw it up!

Bal said...

I think I'm really going to enjoy this Netflix instant streaming capability. I finished the first season of Lost last night (took about a week for the 25 episodes) and will start the next season soon.

I've already added a show called "Legend of the Seeker", "Torchwood", and a number of other television series that I haven't seen before to my queue ... and that's just TV stuff, not movies as well. Hours of entertainment ahead...