Friday, September 24, 2010

Particularly Interesting Detritus

In May, the service that hosts this blog began automatically tracking various statistics. There's some surprising stuff. For example, here are my five most-read posts (at least over the past several months):

Torchwood-related posts capture four out of the next five most popular.

Lessons I should take from this: (1) I should talk The Wife into writing more posts for me; (2) I should finally get around to finishing the Torchwood online game; and (3) I should write more reviews of Cthulhu stuff.

In terms of "Pageviews by Countries", the U.S. gives me twice as much traffic as Canada, but surprises like South Korea, Luxembourg, and Romania make the top ten. Hey, if I had any Luxembourg-specific material I would happily pander.

Finally, the most popular search keywords leading to the site are a couple variations on the name of the blog, and the phrases "Avengers Unplugged" and "Torchwood Cast". The phrase "barbi twins comics" also breaks into the top ten. You are a strange thing, Internet.

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The Wife said...

I will accept bribes in exchange for my services as a guest poster.