Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fantasy Football 2010 Week Three

A nice bounce back from last week's meltdown, as this time I won 96-65. I had four players reach double-digits: Tom Brady (22), Ahmad Bradshaw (15) , Jermichael Finley (11), and a player most people had never heard of: Peyton Hillis (23). Hillis was a Denver Broncos fullback traded to the Browns in the deal that sent Brady Quinn to the rocky mountain state. Hillis is a big, strong runner, and was on my bench because he looked great during preseason and I had to have a Brown on the team. When Chargers RB Ryan Mathews got injured in Week Two, I tried to trade for Matt Forte but was rebuffed so with no other options I started Hillis--and man, he really came through!

WR Terrell Owens has been a big disappointment so far, and I don't think he has a single touchdown yet.

My opponent had a nice performance from Chris Johnson (24) and Jamaal Charles (14), but everyone else was kept to single digits.

The win puts me at 2-1 and tied for first in my division. I'm still in second-place in the household, however, as The Wife once again won big (107-86) and is still undefeated.


QB Tom Brady: 22
RB Ahmad Bradshaw: 15
RB Peyton Hillis: 23
RB/WR Donald Driver: 6
WR Wes Welker: 4
WR Terrell Owens: 4
TE Jermichael Finley: 11
D/ST Jets: 5
K Ryan Longwell: 6


QB Brett Favre: 8
RB Chris Johnson: 24
RB Ronnie Brown: 5
RB/WR Jamaal Charles: 14
WR Larry Fitzgerald: 8
WR Marques Colston: 2
TE Owen Daniels: 2
D/ST Dolphins -2
K David Akers: 4


The Wife said...

If you wanted a way to get me even more interested in football, this is it. I monitor my fantasy team like one of those on-line pets you can sign up for...and also, yay 3-0!

Bal said...

Congrats to "the Wife" there!

I fell to 2-1 myself this week losing 112-124. Defenses made the difference this week as mine got only 4 points where my opponent got 18... (The points system seems to be quite a bit higher in my league. See Brady this week as an example below...)

QB Drew Brees 41.00
WR Reggie Wayne 8.00
WR Mark Clayton 10.50
RB Ahmad Bradshaw 17.50
RB Darren McFadden 18.00
W/T Wes Welker 6.00
K Neil Rackers 7.00
DEF New Orleans 4.00
Total 112.00

QB Tom Brady 37.50
WR Miles Austin 3.00
WR Hakeem Nicks 8.50
RB Rashard Mendenhall 20.00
RB Arian Foster 12.00
W/T Malcom Floyd 18.00
K Ryan Succop 7.00
DEF Pittsburgh 18.00
Total 124.00

Neither team had real good weeks with the recievers for the most part (Floyd being the exception) but Wayne and Welker were way off for me, doubly painful given Brady had a good week for my opponent but didn't throw enough to Welker.

This week I am starting Indy's defense and I picked up Brandon Lloyd from Denver off waivers and will start him in Clayton's place. You're right about Owens, only 14 catches and no touchdowns ... but against Cleveland this week he might be worth a look (I have him on the bench as well and considered playing him this week though I think he might get dropped).

I can certainly say that having a fantasy team this season I have watched a bit more football and am more interested in what is going on around the league than in years past as well.

I created 4 teams in hockey last year and just watched them and did fairly well (of 12 teams 1st, 3rd, 6th, and 7th). This year I think I'm going to have 5 teams and I'm going to be a little more active through the season.