Saturday, September 11, 2010

Major Leaf

Tomorrow our gaming group starts on a short adventure using the Heroes Unlimited rules. I love the ability to create a character by rolling randomly on a series of tables (like my previous super hero, the Ringmaster). Since the random rolls for my new character told me he was an experiment by Canadian military officials, I decided to have a little fun creating a version of Captain America. Thus, Major Leaf is born.

Major Leaf (Ned Nordstrom)

“He Takes Care”


I.Q. 12

M.E. 11

M.A. 7

P.S. 22 (Base 13 +2 bodybuilding, +2 wrestling, +1 athletics, +2 boxing, +2 gymnastics)

P.P. 10 (Base 9 +1 gymnastics)

P.E. 20 (Base 14 +2 Flight, +1 wrestling, +1 running, +2 gymnastics)

P.B. 8

Spd. 8

Hit Points: 24 (+20 P.E., +4 random)

Initiative (+2 sonic flight

Melee Actions: 6 (+2 as experiment, + 2 hand-to-hand basic, + 1 boxing, +1 sonic flight)

S.D.C.: 154 (+40 as experiment, +10 bodybuilding, +14 wrestling, +4 running, +7 athletics, +13 boxing, +6 gymnastics, +60 sonic flight)

Speed: 18 (Base 8, +9 Running, +1 athletics)

Roll with Punch/Fall: +7 (+2 hand-to-hand basic, +1 wrestling, +1 athletics, +1 boxing, +2 gymnastics)

Parry/Dodge: +3 (+1 athletics, +2 boxing)

Damage: +7 (P.S.)

Save vs. Coma/Death: +10% (P.E.)

Save vs. Magic/Poison: +3 (P.E.)

Skill Programs (x4, +30% included)

Physical/Athletic Program

Wrestling: Pin on 18-20, + 1 roll w/ punch, +2 P.S., +1 P.E., +4d6 (14) S.D.C.

Prowl: 65%

Running: + 1 P.E., +4d4 (9) Spd., +1d6 (4) S.D.C.

Hand to Hand Basic: +2 melee actions per round, +2 roll with punch

Medical Doctor Program

Biology: 65%

Chemistry: 65%

Pathology: 75%

Medical Doctor: 95% to diagnose, 85% to treat

Pilot: Advanced

Navigation: 85%

Read Sensory Equipment: 65%

Weapon Systems (+1 strike): 75%

Airplane: 84%

Motor boat: 90%

Jet Aircraft: 74%

Submersibles: 74%

Physical/Athletic Program

Athletics: +1 parry/dodge, +1 roll w/punch, +1 P.S., +1d6 (1) spd., +2d4 (7) S.D.C

Boxing: natural 20 knockout, +1 melee action per round, +2 parry/dodge,

+ 2 P.S., +1 roll w/ punch, +3d6 (13) S.D.C.

Gymnastics: 55% Climb, +5% Prowl (included above), +2 roll w/ punches,

+2 P.S., + 1 P.P., + 2 P.E., +2d6 (6) S.D.C.

Swimming: 85%

Secondary Skills (x10)

  • Pilot Automobile (62%)
  • Mathematics: Basic (50%)
  • Speak Native Language (80%)
  • Read & Write Native Language (98%)

Body Building (+2 P.S., + 10 S.D.C)

Basic Electronics 35%

Recognize Weapon Quality: 30%

Wilderness Survival: 35%

Sing: 40%

Radio: Basic: 50%

Streetwise: 24%

Computer Operation: 45%

Law: 30%

Business & Finance: 40%

Super Powers

Sonic Flight: 700 mph flight, one extra melee attack per round, 3d4x10 (60) S.D.C., +1d4 (2) P.E., +2 initiative, +1 Strike (flying only), +2 Parry (flying only), +6 Dodge (flying only), Sonic Punch, Sonic Ram, Enhanced Vision, Resistant toCold, Hold Breath Longer

Mental Stun: Makes opponents feel dizzy

Control Elemental Fire: Fire Blast, Spontaneous Combustion, Fuel Flame, Flame Wall, Extinguish Fire, Create Smoke, Invulnerable to Fire/Smoke, Temperature Sense

Special Vulnerability

Radiation: Tiniest level reduces all physical attributes by half.


Carrying Capacity: 440 pounds

Lifting Capacity: 880 pounds


Punch: 1d4+7

Backhand: 1d6+7

Power Punch: 2d6+7 (counts as two melee strikes)


In the late 1960s, high-level Canadian officials were stunned by and envious of the appearance of the first American super-soldiers, including Major Flag. Through diplomatic channels, Canada appealed to their NATO partner to share the technology used to create such a weapon, but the U.S. military/industrial complex refused on the grounds of “domestic national security interests.” Miffed, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service brainstormed various plans to catch up to their ally to the south. The only one that ever bore fruit was Operation: Desecrate the Flag.

Operation: Desecrate the Flag was a shot in the dark, launched on the unproven theory that Major Flag’s super-powered genetic material could be passed down to his descendants. Canadian officials evaluated various options before settling on a bilingual Montreal prostitute named Yvonne Nordstrom. While Major Flag was on R&R in Key West, Florida, Nordstrom successfully lured Flag into a romantic liaison. Two weeks later, Major Flag was back on duty and had completely forgotten Nordstrom. But Nordstrom had a secret: she was pregnant!

Over the following months, Nordstrom was carefully monitored by CSIS officials. They were disappointed when young Ned Nordstrom appeared to be a perfectly normal baby, with no evidence of super-powers whatsoever. Without Yvonne Nordstrom’s knowledge, they began to subject young Ned to various radiation experiments while the toddler was at “day care.” When the boy turned five, CSIS arranged for his entry in a unique private school that was secretly a training camp for future government agents. Young Ned was inculcated in love of Canada and bilingualism, and rigorously trained in a variety of physical disciplines and vehicle operation. When he had finished the program in his late teens and still no powers were apparent, the Canadian government decided the best way to recoup their investment was by putting the boy through medical school in order to take advantage of his obvious intelligence. If they couldn’t have a super hero, they would have a new researcher to conduct another generation of experiments in creating a Canadian super-soldier.

Ned finished his medical training and began his experiments. He had little success, until he began conducting fieldwork in a remote village in Nunavut. A mining operation had dug deep into the earth’s crust in the area, and the mine trailings included the faint trace of some strange radiation, possibly extraterrestrial in origin. Ned convinced the village elders to allow him to take blood samples from three boys who had exhibited strange behavior: one who spontaneously combusted every night, one who could levitate three feet off the ground, and one who could make others nauseous and dizzy.

When he returned to his lab in Ottawa, Ned realized the goldmine in his hands. He could report his findings to his superiors and be responsible for the discovery of three potential super heros from Canada’s frozen north. Or, he could inject himself with the blood samples, stabilize the effects, and become an icon! Nordstrom’s experiment was successful as the blood samples bonded with the super-soldier genetic material that was his birthright, and he manifested fire, flight, and mental stun abilities to complement his years of physical training. Nordstrom never spoke to the government about how he really obtained his powers, and instead blamed a random strike of lightning.

After an intensive vetting by CSIS’ public relations department and various focus groups, Ned Nordstrom was given a red and white uniform, and proudly introduced to the Canadian public as Major Leaf. He was an instant sensation, making the covers of magazines, appearing on talk shows, and cutting the ribbon at new construction projects. Over the months that followed, however, the public began to talk less and less about Major Leaf: the problem was that Canada simply didn’t have enough super-villains or domestic terrorism to warrant the full-time attention of a super hero! The government decided to temporarily lend Major Leaf to a NATO task force while it evaluated the situation, and there Leaf met and befriended a genius-level weapons designer named P.J. Petz.

Soon after, word reached Ottawa that a reclusive billionaire Mark Artoff was planning to launch his own, private team of superheroes. Knowing the publicity would be great for Canada, CSIS arranged for Major Leaf to become a founding member of the team. With P.J. Petz serving as the brains, Aphrodite’s Handmaiden serving as the beauty, himself serving as the brawn, only a fourth piece of the puzzle was missing to create a true force for justice in the world.


Ned Nordstrom and Major Leaf have very different personalities. Nordstrom is somewhat arrogant, often aggravated by little problems in his life. Although perfectly nice to those he views as equals (such as fellow superheroes), he can be quite sarcastic and dismissive to government flunkies, servants, and others he considers beneath him. Major Leaf, on the other hand, has been focus-grouped to perfection: he has a bright, winning smile; projects confidence and strength, but in a reassuring and warm way; and is friendly to pets and small children. Only the fellow members of his team and a handful of high-level Canadian officials know that Ned Nordstrom and Major Leaf are the same man.


“Major Leaf” costume

$ 10,000 life savings

$ 1100 ready cash

Four-year old Chevy Malibu

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