Saturday, September 11, 2010

X-Factor: Prisoner of Love [COMICS]

X-Factor: Prisoner of Love is somewhat deceptively titled. Although the other members of X-Factor do appear briefly in a couple pages of this one-shot, it's really a solo story about the Beast. Everyone's favorite blue furry acrobat ends up being enthralled by a seductive, beautiful woman who may be more than she seems. Or she could be alien. Retroactive Spoiler Alert! The story is an interesting take on Hank McCoy, as he's normally portrayed as brilliant, but happy-go-lucky. Here, he has a little more Ben Grimm-style angst about his inability to blend into normal society. Like a lot of these 80s-era "prestige format" comics, it's worth reading but I'm glad I didn't pay the original $ 4.95 cover price for it.

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