Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fantasy Football (2010) Week Two

Wow, I got *creamed* in Week Two, losing by 80 points! My team came up with a mediocre 66 points, partially due to Ryan Mathews getting injured in the first quarter and Tom Brady getting stymied by the Jets defense in the second half of the game. My opponent, on the other hand, had the highest scoring game of anyone in the league so far this season (146), as Lions RB Jahvid Best turned in a whopping 40 points single-handedly, with Frank Gore and the Steelers D/ST getting 28 each. Considering his QB only got 2 points, that's an amazing total. Even if my team had doubled their point total, I still would have l0st, so at least I didn't end up wasting a lot of points.

I'm sticking with Ryan Mathews even though he's a bit banged up, mainly because I can't find anyone else who is clearly better. With Tom Brady and Wes Welker playing the Bills, I think things will be better next week, but then my opponent also has Chris Johnson so who knows.

And The Wife once again won big (86-65) and obtained bragging rights within the household. "The NFL is a marathon, not a sprint!" I reply, and hope things turn around because we now have a bet riding on which team scores the most total points over the course of the season: whoever loses has to write a blog post saying whatever the winner wants. Her starting RB, Reggie Bush, is out for the next several weeks, so it could be my lucky break.

QB Tom Brady: 11 Points
RB Ryan Mathews: 2 Points
RB Ahmad Bradshaw: 8 Points
RB/WR Donald Driver: 9 Points
WR Wes Welker: 9 Points
WR Terrell Owens: 5 Points
TE Jermichael Finley: 10 Points
D/ST Jets: 8 Points
K Ryan Longwell: 4 Points

QB Joe Flacco: 2 Points
RB Frank Gore: 28 Points
RB Jahvid Best: 40 Points
RB/WR Mike Wallace: 2 Points
WR Randy Moss: 9 Points
WR Calvin Johnson: 13 Points
TE Antonio Gates: 17 Points
D/ST Steelers: 28 Points
K Matt Prater: 7 Points


Bal said...

I had another close week myself but not quite as close as last week...

QB Drew Brees 34.50
WR Reggie Wayne 18.50
WR Mark Clayton 15.00
RB Ahmad Bradshaw 8.00
RB Darren McFadden 15.00
W/T Wes Welker 12.00
K Neil Rackers 14.00
DEF New Orleans 10.00
Total 127.00

QB Tony Romo 33.00
WR Marques Colston 8.50
WR Mike Sims-Walker 19.00
RB Ray Rice 13.00
RB Tim Hightower 18.00
W/T Vernon Davis 11.00
K Rob Bironas 3.00
DEF Philadelphia 5.00
Total 110.50

I'm still not getting much from my backs and Brees hasn't been spectacular. I'm still in limbo on my third reciever as well ... and hopefully I get it figured out. I'm still 4th or 5th in the league in points and next week I've got a good opponent with Brady and some good recievers. I'm only one of two 2-0 teams though...

The Wife said...

Need I remind you that since our bet rides on total points you cannot "waste" points, even if your team loses its weekly match-ups?

It sucks about Reggie Bush, but I had actually already won without him, so hopefully my team can continue to do well.