Friday, October 9, 2009

Buffy Pop Quiz

FROM THE ARCHIVES (Buffy book reviews)


By Cynthia Boris (1999)

RATING: 3/5 Stakes

Pop Quiz is a surprisingly difficult little collection of Buffy trivia questions. Covering Seasons One through Three, the book asks everything from what music is playing when Giles arrives home to find Jenny’s body in “Passion” to the name of the boy murdered in the woods in “Beauty and the Beasts.” Not all questions are so difficult, and the book is divided up into several different types of questions: some chapters ask you to identify a specific quote, others ask the meaning of a pop culture reference, while still others are devoted to specific people or episodes.

At the end of each chapter is a score box, and if you add up the scores for each chapter you find whether you’re a Cordette (the lowest of the low in Buffy trivia knowledge), a member of the Xander Brigade, a student in the Willow Study Group, an Honorary Watcher, or, best of all, the next Slayer. Judging from my score, I’ll be hanging out with Willow a lot--which doesn’t bother me one bit. Although probably not something one wants to sit down and read from front to back, this is the perfect book for a long bus or car ride with a friend.

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The Future Wife said...

Perhaps you should spend some more time with your Buffy trivia book - your score may have slipped over time. I seem to recall a certain Trivial Pursuit game with a critical Buffy-related question. Buffy's biggest fan was found a bit lacking... :-)