Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Buffy: The Postcards

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Shortly after Buffy the Vampire Slayer became a pop-culture phenomenon, Pocket Books released a book of 22 Buffy postcards. The front of each card is a full-color photo of one or more cast members, while the back contains a quote from a first, second, or third season episode. Although many of the photos are the standard publicity shots that have graced countless posters and magazine covers, a few I haven’t seen anywhere else. All in all, this is a fun thing to add to the collection or to use to brighten up a far-away friend’s day.

The postcards included are:

1. Buffy

2. Angel

3. Xander

4. Willow

5. Buffy and Angel

6. Giles

7. Xander and Cordelia

8. Buffy

9. Oz

10. Angel

11. Spike and Drusilla

12. Willow

13. Buffy and Angel

14. Cordelia

15. Willow and Oz

16. Giles

17. Angel

18. Xander

19. Buffy

20. Xander and Willow

21. Buffy and Angel

22. Season Three Cast

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