Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Torchwood E-mails: February

The February 2008 Torchwood e-mails don't have a lot of excitement:

* Martha's e-mail to Jack that she'll be arriving in Cardiff to help investigate a spate of unusual deaths (leading into her mid-series two appaerance). Jack asks Ianto to book her a hotel room, and tries to head off any potential jealousy.

* Ianto sends a group e-mail complaining about how much stuff people have left in the Hub fridge:

1x energy drink (half-empty)
1x sparkling mineral water (half-empty, flat)
2x apples
1x pork pie
3x milk (actually just 1 now, I threw the others away)
1x tomato ketchup
1x leftover beef chow mein (probably inedible)
1x Cornish pasty
1x alien blood sample (OWEN I WARNED YOU ABOUT THIS)
4x probiotic yogurt drinks
2x salami snacks

Owen admits to being responsible for the salami snacks and chow mein (which he reluctantly allows to be thrown away), but disclaims knowing anything about the alien blood sample--he suggests, in fact, that it may in fact be "that horrible soup that Gwen made."

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